Scheduling the Upgrade

Upgrading from Platform Releases pre-8.0

When upgrading from a Platform Release prior to 8.0 to Platform Release 8.0 or later, OneStream encourages customers to prepare for their upgrade by referencing content in the ONECommunity Platform v8+ Upgrades Group and by reaching out to their Customer Success representative.

OneStream Cloud customers may initiate Platform Release 8.0 or later upgrade interest by submitting a Software Upgrade request through the Service Catalog. Requests will be routed to the corresponding Customer Success representative who will reach out to discuss preparation activities required for upgrade readiness.

OneStream self-hosted customers may download Platform Release 8.0 or later from Solution Exchange, but are also encouraged to engage their Customer Success representative to review preparation activities to ensure a successful upgrade. Visit Customer v8 Upgrade Summary & Readiness Checklist Documents on OneCommunity for additional resources.

Upgrading from Platform Release 8.0

Upgrades from Platform Release 8.0 to 8.1 or later follow traditional OneStream best practices. Cloud customers can initiate and schedule upgrades through the Software Upgrade request on the Service Catalog, which will be followed by a scheduling request.

OneStream self-hosted customers may download Platform Release 8.2 directly from Solution Exchange and proceed with their upgrade.