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Here you can access quick product tours, orient yourself with new capabilities, learn about the Platform enhancements requested on IdeaStream that are provided in this release, and see how to perform specific tasks. Watch the latest videos for:



Welcome to IdeaStream

IdeaStream is your forum for submitting and voting for enhancements that help shape the product landscape across key domains.

IdeaStream Enhancements

You spoke, we listened. This release provides several enhancements submitted on ONECommunity.

Watch to learn about the enhancements now supported. (3:07)

Identity and Access Management

About Identity and Access Management

OneStream IdentityServer is the new standard authentication framework that enhances single sign-on by supporting multiple, concurrent OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0 - compliant identity providers and native authentication.

Manage OpenID Connect Identity Providers

In the Identity & Access Management portal you can add, test, edit and remove OpenID Connect providers.

Manage SAML 2.0 Identity Providers

In the Identity & Access Management portal you can add, test, edit and remove SAML 2.0 providers.

Manage Personal Access Tokens

Use the Identity & Access Management portal to generate, revoke and view Personal Access Tokens used for seamless authentication in Rest API calls.

Smart Integration Connector

With Smart Integration Connector you can eliminate VPN to create and maintain a modern and secure environment.


Application Control Manager

What's New

Familiarize yourself with key features in the latest release such as the redesigned administration interface, support for Scenario and Flow dimensions, and categorized properties.

Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Parser

BAI Parser streamlines the processing of BAI files from banking institutions. You can import files from banking institutions without parsing files in advance, import one file that includes balances and transactions, preview imported files to verify information and check for missing data, and load data into workflows.

Cloud Administration Tools


Orient yourself with key capabilities such as managing applications and keys.

What's New

In the latest release you can copy applications across environments and remove applications without engaging Support, use Bring Your Own Key to meet security requirements and use secrets and certificates for enhanced security.

Financial Close

What's New

In the latest release you can view source account descriptions, sum balance check items by dimension, and view child reconciliation details in templates.